About Zombie Dude

So you might be thinking, who is this crazy bearded gun-totting zombie conspiracist? You might think I also believe in a master race of lizard people plotting to take over the world.

Well, I don’t, but I do like zombies.

Yup, it all started when I was a young kid walking to school through the forest every day. A thirty-minute walk with nothing to look at but trees made my mind wander every time and usually I’d think about zombies. Well to be precise – me surviving and saving a beautiful girl of my dreams while survive and killing hordes of blood-thirsty zombies bent on eating my brains. Yes… the sweet juxtaposition of violence, zombies and sex, it was everything my teenage brain needed and more.

Marc White

My name’s Marc White. I hail from the lovely city of Ottawa, but now I reside on a farm outside of Kitchener, Ontario. The rural life has brought with it all the pleasantries of being a weird hermit, collecting a suspiciously large stockpile of weapons and planning my days of the upcoming zombie apocalypse .


I created this website for one main reason – I get asked a LOT which gear is my favorite. I figured I’d make this website and share with everyone how to kill zombies more effectively. Sharing is caring, right?

Cheers to zombies, shotguns, baseball bats, and hot babes!


(Sorry, I’m actually Canadian, but you get the idea.)