Aluminum Clad Windows or Wooden Sliding Sash Windows, what to go for?

People always face a problem when they decide on the sash windows, they often get confused. Whether it comes to replacing the old windows or the installation of new windows at home, selection is always really difficult. For sure there are benefits of both aluminum clad sash windows and of wooden sliding sash windows but yes, it is not easy to choose.


Well when it comes to style then alumni clad should be your choice. Aluminum clad are different from usual sash windows, they are quite clean and give your house a contemporary touch. It is best to get the aluminum cladding if you are going to construct a completely new house.

Maintenance cost

One thing about aluminum clad is that when you get it done on your windows then you don’t need to worry about its maintenance at all. The aluminum clad hardly requires maintenance; moreover, the price of maintenance is quite pocket-friendly. The color of the aluminum cladding never fades away; it gives you a good life span. Aluminum is quite cheap, there are so many aluminum façade companies in UAE

Maintenance packages & Warranty

One thing here is that companies offer you the guarantee with aluminum clad windows; they offer you different maintenance packages as well. It doesn’t usually happen that people face problem with aluminum clad, if it happens ever then you can easily claim it. Since the company has provided you warranty, they are obliged to change it.


When you talk about the detailing then it is best to go for the timber wood cladding. But if you talk about style with detailing then nothing can be perfect than aluminum cladding. Aluminum cladding offers you the perfect detailing. It gives your house a whole new look, you can say that after aluminum cladding your house gets a complete makeover.

Cost of cladding

Well when it comes to the cost of cladding then you will notice that there is not huge price difference between both options. Some people prefer going for wooden cladding while others prefer aluminum cladding. If you want a stylish look for your house then aluminum cladding is the way to go.

The cost of timber wood cladding is some hoe closer to that of aluminum cladding but people don’t find it durable. They prefer going for the option of aluminum cladding. Moreover, to give a perfect look to the house they go for aluminum composite panel.