Easy Bathroom Upgrades You Can Do In Less Than 5 Minutes

As house owners, entertaining guests is part of the job. From time to time, close friends and relatives come over for a visit or stay for a short period with you and your family. During their stay, it is a must for you to ensure that they are comfortable and have everything at their disposal – including the bathroom.

If you have some guests that are coming over for the weekends, here are some quick bathroom upgrades that you can do:

  1. Clean the space

The first thing that you need to do when you are expecting some guests is to clean the space, especially the bathroom. This space is where most people do their personal business, so it is a must that bathroom is clean and sanitary. Be sure to tidy it up before the guests arrives. Mop and clean the floors, throw out the trash and do a quick scrub on the tub.

  1. Wipe the mirrors

Once the guests enter the bathroom, the first thing that would catch their attention is the mirror. If your mirror is looking cloudy and untidy, this might leave a negative impression to guests. Be sure to wipe it clean and make it look as good as new. Remove the water stains by wiping it with the baking soda and vinegar paste you made. Let the mixture settle on the material and rinse it with water. Lastly, wipe it clean using a towel.

  1. Stack it with toiletries

A bathroom’s purpose to the make the users comfortable while they are doing their business. To complete the experience, there should toiletries available for their use. Be sure to replace your soap holders with a stunning sanitary ware from Abu Dhabi and stack your bathroom with toiletries, from soaps and hand wash to bath towels. You would never know what your guests will need, so it would be best to anticipate. If your guests are staying for a longer period, be sure to keep the toiletries coming.

  1. Put a beautiful mat on the floor

Since you don’t have the time to renovate to impress your guests with a bathroom reno, you can make do it a beautiful and stunning rug to enhance the look of your bathroom. Be sure to purchase a couple of rugs so you can change them when needed.

  1. Add some relaxing scent

Since comfort is what you aim for, you should ensure that you provide it in its entirety, including making the room smell good. Put some fresh flowers and scented candles to give the space a clean and relaxing smell.

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