How To Be Photogenic On Your Wedding Photos

Weddings are supposed to be a very happy and cheerful occasion, especially for the couple. But the truth is, it can be stressful and tiring, especially if you have to the worry if everything is going according to plan. Still, you need to give your best smile to ensure that you will look photogenic on your photos and albums.

Experts in wedding photography in Dubai provide some tips and hacks on how you can look your best on your wedding day photos:

  • Do not micro-manage

Some couples tend to overthink the wedding day, even on the day itself. They try to know what has been happening behind the scene: Is the caterer doing alright? Is food being served? All these things can get in the way of happy moments. You can stressed about your wedding day before the actual event, but as much as possible, leave the dirty work to your coordinator on the day itself. You need to focus your emotions on this day and not meddle with little things that can lead you to micro-managing the people around while you are being filmed and shot. Definitely not something that you want to capture in your album.


  • Let your emotions flow

Weddings are meant to be a happy occasion, so do not be embarrassed to show your emotions. It will be really good and genuine in photography. Do not feel too conscious of people looking at you.  They are not checking out your dress or waiting for you to make a mistake while walking down the aisle. They are there to celebrate the occasion with you. So give them your best smile and show them how happy you are on this day.


  • Practice

It might sound a little bit rehearsed, but if you can, face the mirror a few days before your big day and practice your smile. Practicing in front of the mirror will make you feel more confident to face the people. It will also help you know your best angles. So get in front of the mirror and practice your smile. See which side of your face is the most pleasing angle to photograph.


  • Speak with your photographer before the event

It is important that you speak with your photographer days before the wedding day. For one, you need to give him the full details of the event – the venue and the theme. He needs to be on-board about everything so he can plan his shots.

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