How to strengthen your abdominal muscles through a vigorous stomach workout

The single goal that people focus on while thinking out an abdominal workout routine is having a flat stomach. Even though a flat and smooth stomach is rather impressive, what good would it be if you stomach muscles have not attained any strength at all? For this reason it is necessary for you to build strength in your core abdominals while slimming down the outer abdominals. Discussed below are a few stomach exercises that are sure to strengthen your abdominal muscles while flattening your stomach.

Tone Your Torso
To get started on this exercise with your personal trainer in Dubai, get down on all fours with your hands and knees placed on the floor. Your stomach needs to be pulled in while your left arm should be extended in front of you. With your left arm stretched out, extend your right leg out towards the back. Switch positions for both arms and legs. Repeat for a whole set. Make sure that your pelvis does not leave its position.

Butt Burner
Begin this exercise by lying down on your back and cushion your spine with a towel or mat. Bend your knees in order to flatten out your feet on the floor. Position your arms on the sides and squeeze your buttocks while lifting your pelvis off the floor. Make sure that the rest of your body stays in line. Your pelvis should be raised to around forty-five degrees so that your upper body forms a flat ramp. Hold yourself in this position for five seconds and lower your pelvis back down slowly.

Crunchless Crunch
This exercise aims at pulling in the belly button towards the spine. Begin with either kneeling or lying down on your stomach. Try both ways and see which position you are most comfortable in. with your body relaxed, move your belly button towards your spine, using only the lower abdominals. Hold this position for ten seconds. As soon as your muscles feel overworked, let go of your contraction. Visit website for more information.

Scissor Kicks
While lying down on the floor, place your hands under your butt and press your back against the floor. Raise one leg to about ten inches and lower it back down. Once done, raise your other leg. Perform a full set this way.