Tell-tale Signs When You Need to Ditch Your Freight Forwarder

Businesses always trust their logistic partners to delivery their items right on the clock and in perfect condition. Unfortunately, there are instances that these logistic companies commit shipping errors that can give a huge set back to these business owners.

How can you tell if it is time to find a replacement forwarder for your business? Here’s how:


  1. Constant delays on delivery

On the dot delivery is one of the highlights of any Abu Dhabi cargo company and this is what all clients all for in a shipping company. In business, time equates to money, and delay is unnecessary costing for business owners. These logistics companies should have vast network to ensure that the shipment arrives on time and is delivery on schedule to respective location. If your logistic company is constantly causing delays on delivery, then it affects your business negatively. If these incidents occur more than once, then it would be best to look for a new logistic partner that would ensure the on-time shipment of your packages and items.


  1. Lost or damaged shipment

Aside from being on time, it is a must for cargo companies in Abu Dhabi delivery all item in perfect condition and the clients are expecting nothing less. One of the unique selling value of these companies is commitment on making sure that every item they are handling is handled with utmost care. Their staff is trained to handle all kinds of goods and packages. For business owners, these items cost money and every product is important for the business. Clients can be lenient on lost or damaged of a few item, but if this became a habit during shipment then it is not a good sign. Like delays on delivery, if this became a constant occurrence then it is high time to find another freight forwarder.

  1. Overcharging fees

One of the pet peeves of clients is hidden charges and additional costings. Usually, the client and the shipping company would have an estimated agreement on the overall cost of the shipment. A credible shipping company would always know how to give estimated costs to clients without adding hidden charges on the bill. If you find yourself wondering a sudden raise on your shipment bill, then check with your forwarder and ask for a breakdown. If they cannot explain these additional charges, then it is time to cut ties with them.


  1. Outdated system and technology

Logistics is a fast-paced business and most forwarders are always trying to update not only their equipment but their system as well. New ideologies and techniques are being introduced to streamline the process and make shipment of goods efficient and on time.  If your forwarding company-partner is still stuck with the old system, it is time to look for a new partner.


  1. Unsecure storage spaces

Storage and holding facilities are crucial as they will serve as the short-term facility that will hold the items scheduled for delivery. They must be clean, secured and well-attended by the staff to make sure that the items stored are in perfect condition upon delivery.