The Highlights of Dubai Nightlife

If you’re planning a trip to a foreign country where you expect to enjoy a great time with your friends and family members, give Dubai a chance. The city is full of life and offers a great nightlife which is a combination of so many activities that you can never get bored of. From a late night walk at the Al Mamzar Beach and Park to enjoying a late night masala tea at Filli Café, or from a late night drive to a late night bonfire in the desert, from a tasteful trip to a bar or a lounge to a late night tapping on the music at a dance club or a night club, the city of Dubai gives you all. Follow the link to know about the best nightclubs in Dubai.

Before you book tickets for you and your companions to this amazing city of lights and life, you should be aware of many rules of visiting this place.

  • If you’re visiting Dubai for fun, never plan your visit in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan as no one is allowed to eat or drink publically during daytime and clubs and bars are closed for a month. It is always better to plan your trip in the other months when you’re able to enjoy all the fun-filled activities this amazing city has on offer.
  • You must be aware of the fact that the week runs from Sundays to Thursdays in Dubai and other states of the United Arab Emirates. Fridays and Saturdays are the weekend days when you can get the best out of the Dubai nightlife.
  • For all the ladies out there, if you want to have a ladies’ night out, you can throng to the clubs and bars which offer special Ladies Nights on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
  • You may enjoy the booze at the bars and lounges located inside the hotels as public boozing is not allowed in the local laws. Drunk driving is a major crime and may lead you in a situation where you might be asked to leave the country. You may drink as much alcohol as you can but getting back home is a safe option because cabs are easily available at any time.
  • Your age should be 21 or more if you want to enjoy alcoholic drinks in Dubai. This age limit is 18 in Abu Dhabi while drinking is totally prohibited and deemed illegal in Sharjah.

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