Why Building Scanning Is A Must for Remodeling Structures

Contractors, engineers, and architects are often task to ensure that remodeling projects are done to perfection. But in reality, a lot of blood, tears and sweat were exuded just to get the project done. And there are times when everything will go south and a project will either get be halted to be transferred to another contractor or get it done in an extended deadline.

But to lessen this from happening utmost planning should be done to ensure that everything is done on time and on budget. And what better way to start the planning is to thoroughly scan the site.

If you are a contractor that needs more reasons to hire a building scanning services, here are more reasons for you to ponder on:

  1. Plan construction projects effectively

Before starting any construction projects, especially remodeling of a structure, contractors need to know first what they are dealing with. Scanning is done before and during the construction. Pre-scanning is to ensure to know what approach the contractors would need to do when they faced with a structure that has lots of structural elements on it. They can better plan where to start, what construction technique they should apply and how many days would each specific task would take based on their scans and site checking.


  1. Locating targets in real time

Building that has rebars can be tricky to deal with. Disregarding the location of these steels and metal structure can compromise the structure integrity of a building and can cause delays on the projects. Radar scanning services is used to detect the location of rebars beneath the poured concrete. Once the exact target is located, contractors can plot out where to drill or cut the concrete and how depth the drill or cut would be.


  1. Detect obstacles and distractions

Aside from the rebar, contractors would often encounter hidden obstacles that can impede the concrete drilling or cutting. This would include post tension wires and cables. These cables are used to further strengthen the structure. Cutting or damaging it may mean weakening the post tension slab and damage the concrete that is seating on a weak soil. To prevent this costly mistake, a post tension company in Dubai is employed to locate and verify the location of these wires and cables.


  1. Determine thickness of materials

A solid structure is built on a strong concrete and other materials. When it is time to remodel, many contractors would have to deal with this problem. Cutting and drilling without proper checking the thickness of the material may cause some construction problems like damaging the tools, damaging the structure and delays on the project. Through scanning, contractors can determine the thickness of materials, decide the best technique on how to cut and drill specific parts and know the best the equipment to use to get the job done. This would save contractors time and money since there will be less patching since the process is done methodically based on the results of the building scans and proper planning.