Zombie Apocalypse Quiz

Alright, so you want to take a quiz and see if you survive. First of all let me tell you this is the best damn quiz zombie survival quiz on the Internet. So get yourself some gear, weapons and take the test.

Zombie Quiz



What if you have to flee and you do not have a car, what would you do?
What if you want to fortify your house, what is the first thing you should do?
What if you have to choose your weapons, which ones would you pick?
What if you are running low on water and other supplies and you found a store with zombies outside, how would you approach?
What if a zombie starts attacking you, how would you kill the zombie?
What if you have heard that the zombie apocalypse is over, what would you do?
If you saw an incredibly attractive zombie female/male approaching you that only looked slightly infected, would you?
What if there’s a group of survivors outside your fort asking to be let in but something seems not right, what would you do?
What if there’s a hoard of zombies coming at you, what will you do?
Which of these places would be the best place to hide?