Just like interior design, architecture is an ever-changing industry. Old concepts are replaced with new ideas and trending designs are updated and given a twist. 2017 had been a very busy year for architects as they immortalized some of the most memorable structures last year – from fantasy skyscrapers to moving buildings.

This 2018, architectural consultants in Dubai will still be busy as ever doing what they love the most – building innovative structures. And here are some of the trends that they are expecting to see in building designs and constructions:

  1. Open spaces

Gone are the days when residential and commercial spaces are building with wall and partition in mind. Today, architects and designers are looking into building spaces that promotes openness and freedom. The trend for open spaces started last year when some offices decided to make a shift to promote teamwork, collaboration, and fluidity of ideas. Now, some architects and builders want to try this concept in homes and residential spaces.

  1. Sustainable commercial spaces

Green architecture has never been emphasized as it is now. What started as a concept for homeowners to save on utility bills are also now being used in commercial spaces. A lot of business owners find it very beneficial for their business to incorporate green spaces to their working environment. Not only are they helping in reducing the environmental footprint of their facilities, but it can also help them to enhance their corporate identity and cut corners in utilities. Expect more businesses will be shifting to green living this year.

  1. 3D Printed Structures

3D printing is definitely on the rise and the architectural industry is beginning to make use of it. Although this technology is being used in small-scale architectural projects and art installations, some innovative architects are looking for ways to maximize this innovation to be able to save on construction materials and build malleable but durable components in bulk.

  1. Productivity-focused offices

Business owners are quite ardent on making sure that their employees are working on their optimal level to help reach their business growth. Which is why they are doing everything to ensure that this would happen, including creating spaces that enhance worker’s performance. Expect office designs that are productivity-based this year.

  1. Smart living spaces

Technology will be part of architectural designs this year. Apart from building tech-savvy commercial spaces, people will see a lot of smart residential spaces with integrated electronics.

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