There is no denying the fact that you offer some of the finest services imaginable these days. But, if you do not have an ever-increasing flow of fresh; and top-quality prospects, there is no way that you will be able to share the benefits of your products and services with people. In the long run, you may reach a point where you will have to wonder who to talk to next as your original list of referrals has finally run out. That, I believe, is one of the most outright discouraging questions that you can ask yourself, right? However, if you build a referral network with top performing salespeople, there would never be a time when you will have to ponder over this question. To prevent yourself from getting into such a situation, make sure that you build a referral network with other salespeople who have outstanding performances.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Introduce yourself and initiate a conversation
    Before anything else, it is necessary for you to make an amazing first impression in a social setting. Introduce yourself to the salespeople that you wish to build a referral network with. Remember, these are top performing salespeople, so you need to make the discussion really interesting. Prove your uniqueness by adding in descriptions about who you are and what you are into as well as the sales training in Dubai that you have acquired.

Ask questions – feel good questions
Feel good questions? Well, feel good questions happen to be questions that have been particularly designed to help your conversation partner relax, and for you to initiate the rapport-building process. The best part about these questions, as mentioned by all sales coaches, is that they do not hold any resemblance with questions asked by conventional salespeople – they are, in no way, invasive or intrusive. As the name implies, these questions are actually going to help you make the salesperson ‘feel good’- not just about themselves, but about you, and the conversation too. The sorts of questions that you should ask are inclusive of:

  • What do you enjoy most about your work? – This is going to make them feel important, and gain a positive feeling towards you
  • How did you get started with your business? – People love being able to tell their story; and that is just what this question is going to help you out with.

Move on to talking about business
In order to build a referral network with another salesperson, it is necessary for you to focus on them, and make them feel important. Now when the ‘feel good’ conversation is nearing its end, it is time for you to start talking business, but while still letting the prospect feel special. Here, the one question that you must ask is that of how you can know whether someone you speak to may prove to be a good prospect for them. Visit for more information.