2019 was certainly a very fun year, we saw some new trends, old ones reviving and some we will have to say bye to. There were so many occasions that we celebrated especially in the corporate world where we celebrated anniversaries, success parties and a lot more. So let’s take a look into which of the corporate gifts Dubai gained popularity this year:

  • Office planner

If you own a cute little planner, you will surely understand its importance. Gifting office planner to your employees, employer or customer is the best way to show your concern and how much you take things seriously when it comes to work. Any person would be glad to receive them because even in the world of digital, some traditional note pads still hold equal importance.

  • Personalized travel mug

We know and understand how hard it is to manage early morning meetings when most of us have to run out without even having breakfast first. Well, what are personalized mugs for then? They are the most practical gift that you can surprise your co-worker with and they will surely be delighted to see a motivational quote on their go to mug.

  • Desk plants

It feels so good to be around by nature especially when the stress increases and the whole world feels collapsing around you, in that moment, the mere sight of small plant waiting for you to water it can ignite hope in your heart and give you enough energy by surrounding you with positive aura to get your work done completed quickly. You can easily get these from an online florist in UAE.

  • Mini hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is the perfect corporate gift because we are surrounded by germs. You never know when you would need a hand sanitizer to get the dirt off hands, clean hands before and after snacks and just make them smell good. This is the reason that a cute little classic hand sanitizer is the perfect gift for anyone.

  • Wall art

Staying in an office for most of the day means that your creativity levels will surely be decreasing and this is why in order to keep the environment positive around you, you must gift your employees or employer some motivating and cute wall art which they can keep around.