Solid-surface is a hand-made material composed of various compounds. It is used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops and solid surface table tops. They are considered a better option than marble or quartz counters as they are affordable and easy to clean.

Solid surface countertops have been used for more than 40 years and are composed of alumina trihydrate, non-porous acrylic, polyester resins and, pigments. They are hard and resist stains and bacteria. This makes them a smart choice. They look exactly like stone but are non-porous unlike them.

There are available in various colors and patterns which give people a wide variety to choose from. They can also be used as sinks and backsplashes. Solid surface, although, are less heat resistant than some other surfaces and get scratches easily. They are suitable for household kitchens and can easily be resurfaced by the use of simple sandpaper. This makes them preferable among people.

Here are some pros of choosing solid surface countertops.

Low porosity:

Solid surface countertops are made up of materials that are hard and almost non-porous. Surfaces like laminates and porcelain are porous. That is why they are hard to clean and remove stains. However, tiles or solid surface countertops have low porosity which makes it easier to clean and remove bacteria. This ensures more sanitary countertops.


Surfaces made up of laminates and ceramic tiles are heterogeneous. This means that they have many layers of different materials sandwich together. On the contrary, solid surfaces are homogenous and uniform. They are though and though from the top to the bottom. This makes them durable and last longer.


Solid surface countertops are hard to break. They get scratches and cuts from usage but they can easily be repaired by using fine grain sandpaper or orbital sander. This can be done at home without seeking someone’s help. It’s easy to repair feature makes it popular among people.


These countertops are mid-range. Although these countertops can’t be used in the professional kitchen due to its low heat resistivity, they are perfect for the residential household. They are affordable and a practical choice.


Solid surface countertops are seamless and smooth. They contain no joins or spaces. This makes working on solid surface countertops a lot easier and comfortable. Moreover, been seamless makes them stronger and more durable.

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